New York Vegetable Farm Seeking Field Hands

New York Vegetable Farm

Neversink Farm in Claryvile, NY is seeking 2016 Season Field Hands

They are a Certified Organic, No Till, No Tractor Vegetable Farm in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The Neversink River flows through the middle of the farm. They have 20 acres of mixed woods and pasture, 1.5 acres of which are in cultivation.

While they farm without tractors, they consider their farm modern and cutting edge. They are one of the highest production per acre farms in the country.

Starts: March/April
Ends: Thanksgiving
Positions: 5
Minimum Length of Stay: Entire Season

Meals: Cooking and purchasing food supplies is your responsibility. They provide vegetable seconds from the farm when available.

Skills Desired: Most importantly, you must have a serious desire to learn, be responsible, be able take criticism, be thorough and have the physical ability and desire to work fast. Thus, they prefer that you have some farm experience.

Those who can balance thoroughness with speed, and who work thoughtfully and with pride, are the most successful here. If you are a slow worker, tardy, or not fully committed, don’t bother applying.

Educational Opportunities: The educational opportunities are vast. It is the perfect situation for someone interested in starting their own farm on small acreage with very little money.

You will learn bio-intensive no till farming. You will learn how to avoid using pesticides by growing healthy beautiful produce. There are greenhouses and a few large hoop houses (two are movable) where they grow all year.

Rate: $11-$13 an hour based on experience with increases based on performance.

Housing: Pictures of Housing on their website –

On farm housing is available. They do require deposits to secure a room.
Choice One Cabin for $450 month per person.
Choice Two House for $500 month per person.
Choice Three Find Local housing and commute.

The on farm housing has hot water, gas stove for cooking, electricity, shower and a wood stove for heat. Toilet is an outhouse in the cabin. House has flush toilet. High speed wireless internet is available. Rent includes propane, electric (within reason), wood for heating, and internet. There is a clothes washing machine at the farm for your use. You will get your own bedroom.

The basic categories of work are planting, seeding, and transplanting, cultivating, spreading compost, harvesting, vegetable washing and selling. Almost all of the work is done by hand or with hand tools. Winter work is mostly greens harvesting/processing, farmers market, transplants, and new projects.

Work week is five days and about 40 to 45 hours. You can work more if you desire. Normal working days will be about 7 or 8 am to 5 or 6 pm with an hour for lunch, but is dependent on getting things done, and they try to get everything done early to quit early but are not always successful.

Winter work is usually Wednesday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Long Saturday’s for the Farmers Market. More hours are optional.

During downtime – There is swimming in the river on the farm, a cafe down the road, hiking and biking as well as interns from other farms to hang out with.

You must be able to come to the farm for an interview or have a full season experience on a for profit farm with stellar references

To apply for this position:
Make sure that you are presently ready to make a commitment and then send us an email at with
1) Your Phone Number.
2) Your farming experience with references.
3) Your availability to come to the farm for an interview. Weekdays only.
4) The date you wish to start working and intended length of stay.
5) Explanation of why you are a reliable applicant who has already decided to become a field hand at this farm.

***Form letters will not be answered nor any emails that did not follow these directions.***
Immediately following the interview, you will be considered for the position or not.

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