Nutrient Dense Food and Farming Lecture in Chatham, New York

Sun. Mar 7, 2010 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Why do we eat food? What makes it taste good? Why do we need nutritional supplements? How can we be so obese and still be starving? How can we restore balance to our health and our planet? Dan Kittredge, second generation organic farmer, is starting a second green revolution in our gardens and in our fields. Learn how to grow Nutrient Dense Food Bombs, improve your health and help to restore balance to the planet.

Is ADD or ADHD a Ritalin deficiency?  Is chronic pain an aspirin deficiency? Why are oranges coming out of Florida with no measurable amount of Vitamin C? Or carrots out of California with no measurable amount of Vitamin A? How to restore ‘good for you’ back into our food? Come learn what ‘value added’ can really mean.


$5 Donation + A Bag of Carrots (for the horses)

Contact: Gianni Ortiz

Contact Phone: 518.392.8545

Contact Email:

Location: Equine Advocates Learning Center, 2 miles north of Chatham Village on Route 66, on the right, just past High Bridge Road.

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