NYT Field Report: Will Work for Food – Tantre Farm

Somewhat romanticized, yes. But a nice New York Times Article about one of my favorite farms.

Read it HERE

Tantre really is a unique place where many aspiring farmers have come to develop their knowledge and skills, learn what it takes to make a small diversified farm work, and found a genuine communal atmosphere with all the joys, tensions, beauty, exhaustion, elation, frustration, successes, failures, and emotional and physical challenges that are part of the farm internship learning experience.

I have spent many many hours there – pulling weeds, planting seedlings, chatting with Richard and Deb, enjoying communal meals, tinkering with machinery, hunting for morel mushrooms, and learning how little I really know about what it actually takes to run a successful small diversified farm.

To learn more about Tantre Farm go to their website at http://www.tantrefarm.com/

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