Recommended Articles: Using Old Tractors; Value of Biochar

Check out Gene Logsdon’s blog on hitching farm implements to an old tractor:Older Tractor Hitch

EXCERPT: I know it’s different in advanced agriculture today where tractors and the implements they pull are the size of aircraft carriers. But on farms like mine, which make only limited use of three-point hitch systems, attaching a tractor to a plow, disk, rake, baler, wagon or star has not changed much since the “old fashioned” days. (I heard e-mail referred to recently as “old fashioned.”)  You back the tractor up to the implement’s tongue, get off the tractor while it idles, lift the tongue up to the drawbar and drop the pin through the holes in the tongue and the one in the drawbar.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it. It was fairly easy back when family farms really were family farms… Read the full article

ScienceDaily Article: Can Biochar Help Suppress Greenhouse Gases?Biochar Use in Ag

EXCERPT: Laboratory tests have indicated that adding biochar to the soil could be used to suppress nitrous oxide derived from livestock. Biochar has been used for soil carbon sequestration in the same manner. Read the full article

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