On the Past and the Future of the Urban Agriculture Movement

On the Past and the Future of the Urban Agriculture Movement: Reflections in Tribute to Jac Smit
by Anne C. Bellows, Joe Nasr (editors);   Diana Lee-Smith,  Luc J. A. Mougeot, Michael Levenston, Peter Mann, Katherine Brown, Jerry Kaufman (contributors)
Open Access Article from the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

The relation­ship between food and cities is newly maturing after decades in the shadows, with urban agricul­ture acting as a pivotal lynch­pin in the development. To compre­hend this reemer­gence, one must understand the role that Jac Smit, who passed away in 2009, played in it. His curiosity and vision pursued the ramifications of urban agriculture on planning for social, financial, and environmental systems and infrastructures, in and near cities, including job creation, food production and nutrition enhance­ment, gray- and wastewater recycling, urban com­posting, air cooling and cleaning, and the presence of a framework of green zones.

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