Online Beginning Farmer Courses Offered

What Do I Need to Do to Start a Farm Business? (BF 103) – a 6-week course for new and aspiring farmers addressing the legal, regulatory, and tax implications of farming. If you’ve ever wondered “at what point will I be recognized as a farm?” this course is for you.

Intermediate Marketing for Farmers: Developing a Marketing Plan (BF 201) – is our first course that will take you beyond the basics of exploring marketing ideas to actually developing a formal marketing plan. Designed for people actively researching and planning farm start-up, or those who have a couple of years of farming already under their belts.

Online courses require a basic comfort level with a computer and access to a DSL, cable modem, or satellite internet connection. All courses include real-time webinars as well as readings, discussion forums, and homework assignments on your own time.

Courses cost $150. Learn more at

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