Online Community-Based Food Systems Course

An online Community-Based Food Systems course is being offered this summer for through International Institute for Sustainable Development at Colorado State University. The 5 week online course begins June 24th and registration is still open! Questions can be directed to For more information, please visit: Class description: The cultivation, preparation, distribution, and consumption of food are rich processes that shape how we organize ourselves socially, economically, and politically. Control over food systems at the community level is central to self-determination and sustainability. In this seminar, you will learn about various approaches to building community-based food systems and movements for food justice around the world. Together, we will evaluate successful efforts at food system relocalization and the protection of community food resources, as well as the factors that threaten these efforts. With a special consideration for the needs of indigenous, marginalized, low-income, and migrant communities, students will develop a conceptual toolkit and set of resources that will allow them to assess the limitations and possibilities of their own community’s food system.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the frameworks of anti-hunger, food security, and food sovereignty when evaluating a community’s food supply
  • Understand food system localization and identify concrete examples of successful efforts of this process.
  • Support community-based food system efforts by creating linkages to information and resources.

About the instructor: Teresa M. Mares, Ph.D. completed her doctoral work in Sociocultural Anthropology at the University of Washington. Teresa’s research interests focus on sustainable food systems, environmental justice, diet-related health disparities, and Latino/a migration in the United States. She received her M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Washington and her B.A. in Anthropology and Spanish with a Latin American Studies Certificate from Colorado State University. In Seattle, Teresa coordinated the Food Justice Project with the Community Alliance for Global Justice. She previously worked for Village Earth as Director of Resource Development and was a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association.

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