Online Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Certificate Program

Tufts University in Massachusetts is offering a new online sustainable agriculture certificate for professionals through the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. They have created a cutting-edge online graduate certificate program in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems that is ideal for working professionals engaged in various food-related businesses and organizations. This three course certificate offers perspectives on sustainability from the farm, through food supply chains and to consumers.

Dr. Tim Griffin, leads the the first course “Sustainability on the Farm,” starting this fall. Agriculture is the single largest user of land and water, and thus, has broad environmental impacts. Gains in yield productivity over the last five decades have met increasing demands without increasing agricultural land area in the U.S., but environmental, economic and social costs have been considerable. The costs and benefits will be analyzed at different scales (eg. farm level, watershed level, etc.), along with a profile of current conventional and alternative approaches to food production in the U.S. Students will examine environmental and conservation concerns, as well as the policy response, within the context of meeting future food demands.

A one page certificate description and contact information for the program can be found here: The Program Director, Dr. Diane McKay ( would also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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