Online Urban Agriculture Course Dec 19-Jan 20, 2012

The University of Massachusetts will offer a new Online Urban Agriculture Course Dec 19-Jan 20, 2012 called: Innovative Farming Systems for the 21st Century

The course explores the subject of Urban Agriculture through the investigation and evaluation of current urban farming system.  Using case studies, students will practice critical research skills including information gathering, analysis and assessment, as a means for learning about contemporary urban farming systems and issues in the field. The first half of the course will involve focused investigation of particular urban farming designs using national and international examples.

Participants will learn about a wide range of designs, productions methods, technologies and innovations, as well as principles and practices in urban farming systems; learn why urban agriculture is needed in the context of current events and contemporary issues; and learn and practice peer-evaluation, critical thinking, analysis and communication skills in an online classroom.

For information on the course, please visit:

U-Mass also offers an Online Certificate Program in Sustainable Food and Farming

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