Opportunity: 134 Tree Orchard, Barn and Acreage, MA

Location: North of Greenfield, MA

Opportunity: Fruit Tree Orchard, Pasture land, Barn.

Contact: Perri Wexler

Email: pwexler@sfcinc.org

We are seeking an individual to manage our mature 134 tree orchard. We work full time and the trees have been without care for two years. In return, 90% of the crop (three varieties of apples, a few peach, plum and pear trees) is yours to keep, sell or market as you please. Knowledge of organic methods is a plus. In addition, we have about 5 acres of fenced pasture and a barn that could be utilized as well. We lack the time and equipment to care for the trees ourselves, and have made only minimal use of the pasture this year (just 4 sheep). Our farm is easily accessible from I-91 or Route 2, about 10 minutes North of Greenfield, MA. This is a great opportunity for someone who has farming desire and knowledge. We are open to a variety of use options and exchanges. If interested, please email Perri and Dan at PWexler@sfcinc.org or call 413-624-3070

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