Organic Alliance, Inc. Broadens Its Comprehensive Food Safety Program to include Global Supply Chain and New Markets

From: EarthTimes (,1047454.shtml) Press Release - From Organic Alliance Inc. SALINAS, Calif. - (Business Wire) Organic Alliance, Inc. (Pink Sheets: ORGC) announces the expansion of its already comprehensive food safety and quality program to include newly expanded global markets. “A rigorous and expansive supply chain-wide approach to quality and food safety is a hallmark of the Organic Alliance offering and we are pleased to announce the expansion of our current program to include new global markets in Europe and South America,” said Parker Booth, President and Chief Operating Officer. “Regardless as to where around the globe our certified-organic or conventional fresh produce is grown, harvested, packed or shipped, we will abide by the same stringent requirements as a part of our quest to provide the best in quality, natural wholesomeness and food-safe products available in the marketplace today.” To help support implementation, Organic Alliance also announces a far-reaching agreement with Lighthouse Food Safety and Quality LLC to serve as Organic Alliance’s exclusive partner resource for food safety and quality programs, planning and standards assurance.

“We are very pleased that Lighthouse founder, Walt Armijo, and his respected company will work hand-in-hand with our food safety team in all food safety matters to ensure our high standards are met, documented and verified across the globe,” Booth said.

“Mr. Armijo’s extensive knowledge and experience working with large, global food companies and his meticulous approach in developing across-the-board food safety and quality programs provides us with an added layer of expertise from which to further advance our commitment to food safety and quality excellence,” Booth added. Organic Alliance, Inc. will leverage the Lighthouse association to build a global platform that exceeds expectations and instills the highest levels of customer and consumer confidence whether in the United States, Mexico, Singapore, Chile, Argentina, France or points in between.

About Organic Alliance, Inc.

Organic Alliance, Inc. brings together a unique alliance of respected growers, packers and shippers from around the world in order to source, market and distribute best-quality certified-organic and conventional food products that are fairly traded and fairly priced. Crops are grown, packed and shipped under Organic Alliance supervision, constantly working toward advanced quality, food safety, sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices. The company’s Approved Origins™ Program delivers not only on-demand traceability, but transparency in all business-critical practices, including leading-edge practices, continuous improvement and work force fairness. To find out more about Organic Alliance products, contact the company at 831-240-0295 or visit

About Lighthouse Food Safety & Quality

Lighthouse Food Safety & Quality is dedicated to the development and delivery of comprehensive food safety and quality programs and good agricultural practices. Based in Salinas, CA, Lighthouse works with global food companies to evolve programs that meet the highest level of standards in growing, harvesting, cooling, packing, storage and distribution. Lighthouse also specializes in extensive pre-planting and pre-harvest risk management, field quality reporting and training.

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