Organic Farm Assistant Manager Job and Internships, Georgia 2012

Georgia - Walker Organic Farm is looking for an Assistant Farm Manager and has Internships for the 2012 season.Organic Farm in Georgia About Walker Farms: Walker Organic Farms is an organic farm set on 125 beautiful acres joining reclaimed wetlands in South Georgia, with 65 cultivated acres of market vegetables, seedlings, and cover-crop seed grown on fifty certified organic acres.  Seasonal vegetables include specialty varieties of beets, carrots, greens, potatoes, beans and peas, squash, melons and sweet corn. They are also establishing an organic community orchard of native fruit and nut tree. Using a combination of tractors and hand labor to plant, weed, fertilize, and harvest, they seek to strike a balance between efficient high volume production and our organic values.  Because of our mild Zone 7 climate we are able to grow year round outdoors as well as in our 30’ x 70’ high tunnel. They provide fresh produce locally through box programs, online markets, restaurant sales, and 2 farmers’ markets, in Statesboro, GA and Savannah, GA. Grounded in a supportive good-food community, interns and WWOOFERS participate in potlucks, socials and workshops throughout the year.  They view farming as activism for restoring healthy communities, and find it spiritually and economically rewarding to establish direct relationships within the food community.  They are 1 hour from historic and beautiful Savannah and the beach! Thirty minutes from Statesboro a thriving college town. And 15 minutes from Sylvania a smaller rural town.  They are part of a burgeoning community of organic growers in South Georgia who pride ourselves on our strong connections to farmers and eaters. For details about the Assistant Farm Manager job and about the internships and how to apply, click "read more".

Assistant Farm Manager:

Walker Organic Farms is hiring an Assistant Farm Manager to work with us for the 2012 growing season and subsequent years to come. They are looking for a person to join our crew to supervise, in conjunction with the head farmer, their year-round operation.

The Assistant Farm Manager will work an average of 40-50 hours a week.  The primary responsibility of the Assistant Farm Manager will be managing the field crew and operations under the supervision of the head farmer.  They are looking for someone to lead the crew who is dedicated, dependable, flexible, good- humored and genuinely interested in growing wholesome, chemical-free food on a mid-sized family farm. Organization and self- motivation are imperative at Walker Organic Farms.  They pride themselves on having a crew that works well together and enjoys the work they do. Being able to support fellow workers and get along well with a variety of personality types is as important as being able to maintain speed with repetitive tasks.

Applicants must have a minimum of one to two years of experience working on an organic produce operation or similar situation.  Experience with tractors and equipment is preferable but not required. The Assistant Farm Manager needs to develop a good understanding of the rhythm of farm work. This includes knowing the appropriate time to do certain tasks both on a daily and weekly schedule, but also how long to allow for task completion and maintaining a schedule.

Expected Duties:

Planting- greenhouse management, direct seeding, transplanting, field preparatio

Growing- weeding, trellising, pest and disease management, irrigation using drip tape and sprinklers, orchard management

Harvesting- carrying out the harvest schedule, selecting and harvesting high quality produce for distribution

Processing- coordinating and assisting with the washing, bunching, packing and preparing produce for market.

Marketing- leading/assisting in farmers’ market sales and display set up

Management- respectfully and efficiently assign duties to crew of paid laborers, interns, WWOOFERS, service learning students, and other community volunteers

Walker Organic Farms 2012 Internships: The goal of the internship program is to provide a training ground for aspiring farmers by teaching the basic concepts and practical applications of organic food production through hands-on learning.  Although most time is spent working on the farm, apprentices also will have opportunities to visit other farms and participate in conferences and other educational events that happen throughout the year. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and good driving record. The position requires physical stamina. The Assistant Farm Manager will be expected to work long hours outside, lift heavy objects and use hand tools regularly.

About the Internships:

Full season internships run from mid-March to mid-December with an optional 2 weeks unpaid vacation. Half season internships run from mid-March to early August and from mid-August to mid-December with an optional 1 week unpaid vacation. Winter internships are also available and run for 2 months between early January and mid-March (exact dates will be determined for individual candidates).  The winter internship can stand alone or be paired with a half season or full season internship.

Interns will be working an average of 35 hours on the farm Monday thru Friday plus a Saturday market for a total commitment of 40 – 45 hours a week.   After returning from market on Saturday interns are off until Monday.  Additional days or half-days off can be negotiated based on workload.

Interns will generally be working with the head farmer, other interns, volunteers, and a small crew of local workers.  The type of work they do varies seasonally but they can expect to have experience with the following: weeding, planting, planning, harvesting, packing, maintaining the orchard and hoophouse, coordinating volunteers on the farm, running markets in Savannah and Statesboro, and teaching the next group of interns.  First year interns will not regularly use tractors.  If you have other interests or skills they are happy to discuss other ways you can contribute.

All interns will be considered on a trial basis for the first two weeks of their stay for both parties to decide whether it is a good fit.

Skills Desired: Attitude is everything.  Common sense is appreciated. Personal motivation. Looking for positive, can-do folks who are open to learning new skills. Prior experience is not required.  The position requires physical stamina and heat tolerance. Interns will be expected to work long hours outside, lift heavy objects and use hand tools regularly.

Educational Opportunities: While on our farm you have access to all of our knowledge and experience, as well as the library.  Depending on your interests or desired skills, it may be possible to provide appropriate learning projects and/or seek out opportunities on nearby organic and ecological farms. You’ll also get first hand marketing experience at least once a week at local farmers’ markets.


They provide a $400/month stipend plus free accommodations on the farm as well as a ready supply of free farm vegetables.  Interns that complete a full season will earn a $400 bonus.

Accommodations are in a mobile home with individual bedrooms (maximum of 3 people), heat/AC, indoor plumbing, living room, full size kitchen with stove and refrigerator, Wi-Fi connection, washer, front porch, and hammock!  You are expected to keep your living areas clean and tidy.

To Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Relinda Walker at  Please specify the position you are applying for. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

For more information: Visit their website

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  1. Danielle Sevarlic // July 4, 2014 at 5:49 am // Reply

    I am extremely interested in being an intern this coming up March, 2015. Please tell me this program is still available. I am 17, will be 18 this May 3. I am very dedicted to healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. I am a vegan but after reading up and watching documentaries I have found even the tomatoes I get at the supermarket are tainted. I want to learn how organic farming works, all its benefits, and how to own an organic farm myself one day. Please contact me!!

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