Organic Farm Crew Jobs in Illinois

organic farm crew jobs

Organic Farm Crew Jobs on Mint Creek Farm in Illinois – 2017

Mint Creek Farm is a 230 acre, Certified Organic, grass-fed livestock farm located about 80 miles south of Chicago. We have a wide diversity of livestock including sheep, cattle, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks and seasonal turkeys.  Our meat and eggs are sold at farmers markets throughout the city and suburbs.

We are seeking farm crew members to start immediately.  This is a long term, paid, full-time position with room and board available. Come learn and gain an understanding of how to raise livestock and poultry organically on pasture. If you’re thinking of starting your own farm, there is no substitute for hands-on experience like what you will receive here.  

Your responsibilities will include feeding and watering the animals and ensuring their day to day health and wellbeing.  A big part of Mint Creek Farm’s herd management is rotational grazing and uses electric net fencing to accomplish this.  New areas are enclosed adjacent to the one the animals are presently in and then when they have eaten down one area they are moved into the next one.  The electric netting from the former pasture is then picked up and moved to a new area adjacent to the one the animals are presently in and so it continues.   This enables the herd to always have fresh pasture and also allows the pastures time to regenerate before another group of animals rotate to the area again.   The poultry are also in movable enclosures in the pastures with guard dogs for protection.   

Experience in physical labor, mechanical work, and animal care is helpful and a great attitude is a must. The animals must be taken care of in all weather conditions and situations that may come up. 

Apply for Organic Farm Crew Jobs: If you are passionate about sustainable agriculture and want to be a part of this growing movement, please email your resume or employment history to Julie at  Include any farm equipment you have experience operating and your best contact information.

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