Organic Farm Internship in Massachusetts in 2013

Lettle Pond Farm2013 Internship Program at Kettle Pond Farm in Massachusetts  “Nutrition From the Soil Up!”

Thank you for your interest in interning at Kettle Pond Farm. For the 2013 season they are looking for three unique individuals to intern from March through November. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about sustainable organic farming by farming! They hope to foster a learning atmosphere that will benefit the farm and the interns. Kettle Pond Farm operates on land leased in Berkley, Massachusetts from Alex and Chris Houtzager. It is situated on 35 beautiful acres, about 3 of which are focused on diversified vegetable production. At Kettle Pond Farm we are trying to grow the highest quality produce through fertility, hard-work and critical thinking. Benefits Include: Housing: The farm house will be home to two interns as well as Steve Murray, the manager, and his wife Sarah. The farm is also home to a rambunctious dog named Opal! Please let us know if you are allergic! As an intern you can expect ◦      A fully furnished bedroom ◦      Wireless Internet and a land line ◦      Laundry facilities Participation in the summer NOFA conference; Time off as agreed upon; Access to study materials; Fresh Vegetables and eggs or other protein if available; Monthly Food Stipend; Excellent first hand learning opportunities.


The work week will consist of 5 full days from 7am-5pm (one hour lunch break) with one day till 7pm watching the pick-up area and about one weekend per month. The weekend responsibilities include watching the farm stand, harvesting, animal chores and watering the greenhouse starts. General farm duties include:

Field Preparation; Greenhouse seeding and maintenance; Field seeding and transplanting; Hand cultivating and harvesting; Irrigation set-up and control; CSA harvesting and preparation; Maintaining crop records and notes; Mowing and general maintenance; Chicken chores such as watering, feeding, moving fencing and egg collection; Other animal chores (tbd); Working in unsavory weather conditions.

They welcome all applicants. No previous farm experience is necessary, but we do require that applicants be able to lift 50 lbs and have their own health insurance. We give preference to individuals that want to make farming their life and more so to those who wish to do so in the South Coast of Massachusetts. Potential Bonus Stipend to interns who stay for longer periods of time (3 + months).

Educational Value .. Their offering

 An intern at KPF will learn to grow and cultivate a wide variety of vegetables using organic practices. They will learn about composting, soil fertility, nutrient dense crops, green manures, sustainable food systems and season extension. In addition, interns will learn how to harvest, store, and preserve a diverse array of vegetables and some fruit. Interns will participate in running a CSA operation as well as work with members and volunteers providing educational experiences for others. We will work on individual learning plans but as a general rule you will:

Have access to our library of books, magazines, and newsletters; Attend house meetings featuring varied farm topics ranging from genetically modified crops to water conservation; Be given the opportunity to attend the Summer NOFA conference at UMass Amherst; Have the opportunity to visit other local farms and learn about their operations.

At the end of their stay, an intern should have the knowledge base to produce sustainably grown, nutrient dense vegetables, as well as the ability to engage community members in this endeavor.


Time Off – Interns should let them know of any prior commitments at the start of their farm stay. Because of the nature of farming, they are looking for interns committed to working the required hours. If there is a situation in which time off is needed, it can be negotiated. Likewise, if an intern is sick, time off will be granted.

Visitors – Interns may have visitors stay for up to a week. Visitors must, however, put in a half day of farm work for each day of their stay Mon-Fri. Interns will be responsible for the behavior of their visitors.

Pets – Unfortunately, interns may not bring pets with them to the farm. The farm is already the home to two cats, a dog, and anywhere between 2-5 people.

Alcohol and Drugs – If an intern is found to be using any illegal drug, they will be dismissed. Alcohol  is allowed for interns 21 and over. If the use of alcohol is negatively affecting farm work, an intern may be dismissed.

Dismissal – An intern can be dismissed at any time if managers feel the intern is negatively impacting life in the house or crops in the field. Warnings will be given before dismissal.


Farming involves many hazards. As a result, safety is one of their top priorities at Kettle Pond Farm. An intern will be doing physical labor and should be prepared for it. It is important to be aware of the risks to your body with the repeated bending, crouching, lifting, etc., of everyday farm tasks. They strongly encourage stretching daily.

They also require eye and ear protection when using machinery such as the rototiller, mower, and weed whacker. Interns interested in using this equipment will be given the proper training to do so. Interns will also be instructed on the proper use of hand tools such as hoes and wheel cultivators and knives.

To Apply

 If you are interested in applying for one of the three apprenticeships, please send an email to . Please put “2013 apprenticeship” in your email title!

You can also call us at 508-822-6919 to get more information. Thank you for Applying!

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