Organic Farm Manager Job in Georgia

Organic Farm Manager Job Available in Barnesville, Georgia (One hour south of Atlanta), 2013

Honeywood Farms is seeking an experienced organic farmer to participate in a unique permaculture project on 1000 acres in Barnesville GA. The primary farm area to be managed is about 15 acres and includes a diverse mix of market gardens, orchards, greenhouse and animal husbandry.

Duties to include, but not limited to:

·      Implementing a commercial scale organic market farm and pastured based livestock operation with intensive rotational grazing programs

·      Orchard development, food forest and mushroom cultivation

·      Planning crop rotations

·      Ordering seeds

·      Managing soil fertility

·      Controlling pests and disease

·      Greenhouse management

·      Irrigation management

·      Crop cultivation, harvesting, and processing,

·      Animal husbandry

·      Aquaculture

·      Wildlife and forestry management

·      Sales and marketing for a CSA, farm stand, farmers markets and restaurant sales

·      Farm tours, events and other agri-tourism projects

·      Value added product development


·      Growers should have at least 3-5 years of organic growing experience with a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops.

·      Experience with tractors, a variety of tractor implements and other farm equipment is necessary.

·      Some animal husbandry experience

·      Experience in bio-dynamic farming is a bonus.

·      Strong work ethic

·      Can lift 50lbs or more

·      Good with people and customer service

Compensation will be based on experience and include a weekly stipend, free housing on the farm, and a healthy allowance of farm raised food.

Please email resume, cover letter and references to

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