Organic Farmer Job in Pennsylvania

Organic Farmer Job
JOB IS FILLED – Organic Farmer Job with Pennsylvania Nonprofit – Fall 2016
Sweet Fields is a nonprofit in Norristown, Pennsylvania. We are currently working on a sustainability venture at Norristown Farm Park. Norristown Farm Park (Montgomery County Link HereDCNR link here) is a unique 700 acre parcel of land that has been a working farm since Colonial times, and is also a pubic, passive recreation park. We have been working with township officials, county planners, and other nonprofits create a tailored sustainability initiative that is unique to the park, and fits into Montgomery County’s 2040 Comprehensive plan.
Phase 1 of our sustainability initiative has been approved, and involves an organic CSA. We have 8 acres of land secured for the CSA, and a barn. Sweet Fields will help the farmer secure any additional supplies necessary (including but not limited to seeds, deer fencing, irrigation systems, and machinery). We are in need of a farmer to, at the minimum, 1) operate any necessary machinery and 2) coordinate workshares/volunteers. The farmer’s income will be a percentage of the profits from the sale of crops (this is not a salary/employee position). That is, Sweet Fields is contracting with the farmer as business to business. Sweet Fields and the Farmer will come to an agreement on a fair percentage based on how much of the farm work beyond the minimal requirements the Farmer is willing to complete.
It should also be noted that the bare minimum, the farm must follow USDA organic guidelines. There may be even stricter policies regarding spraying required, because it is a public park. Not all 8 acres need to be farmed, the operation may start smaller. If the first 8 acres are successful, there is the potential to expand up to 60 acres. No animal agriculture is permitted, this is a vegetable-only farm.

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