Organic Farmer position at Sonoma County Vineyard

This Job has been filled. Please don't apply. Sonoma County Vineyard Seeks Resident Organic Farmer Compensation: $20+K/year, housing, health benefits, food, participation in revenues. We seek an individual (or couple) who wants to help establish an organic orchard and farm presence on a recently acquired hillside ranch and vineyard in Geyserville, CA. The property is picturesque and has stunning views overlooking the Alexander Valley. We have 16 acres of cabernet currently farmed by a third party that we converted to organic this year and 16 acres of recently fallowed field that we are willing to plant to organic fruit orchards. We'll also plant additional acreage in wine grapes on the hillsides. We are looking for someone who is intelligent, articulate, hard-working and driven, knowledgeable, with minimum 3+ yrs hands on experience, and who has vision for a sustainable future: at home and at large. This is a chance to join us at the planning stage and then help implement the plan and resulting business. Knowledge of viticulture or a willingness to learn is also required since wine grapes will remain important.

Planning Responsibilities:
• Review temperature, soil reports and other data to make recommendations on best fruit/orchard crops suited for our site
• Research and recommend best vegetables for our organic culinary garden and greenhouse
• Develop preliminary market study to help select best varieties for the orchard and garden
• Review the mix of various varieties and planting stocks that make sense and recommend those that fit our situation and have a market
• Recommend appropriate equipment and tools
• Research and recommend final fitting of and equipment for a chiller room
• Suggest livestock to be incorporated into the organic farming operations (e.g. baby doll sheep, chickens)

Implementation Responsibilities:
• Help design necessary irrigation.
• Determine the planting plan and calendar for planting.
• Help design planting areas and border areas and prepare the area and soil for planting.
• Acquire the rootstock and planting materials and complete the planting.

On-Going Responsibilities:
• Oversee the orchard and garden for all needs: irrigation, pests, nutrients and handwork.
• Maintain calendar of likely harvest dates and plan for needed staffing appropriately.
• Participation in the care and use of the animals.
• Build and maintain relationship with restaurants, farmer’s market opportunities and commercial buyers.
• Willingness to otherwise join in all the necessary care and maintenance needs for the property.

• College degree plus additional specialized training.
• Minimum three years hands-on experience in organic farming.
• Knowledge of, or willingness to learn, needed animal husbandry skills.
• Knowledge of, or willingness to learn, needed viticulture farming skills.
• Commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture with a desire for continued education.
• Healthy, strong, motivated and articulate.

A full-time caretaker is already in residence and eager to participate in the development of our organic/sustainable vision. Our motto is “Simply Sustainable, Only Organic, Definitely Delicious.” Please email a statement of your interest and qualifications as well as questions to nobody.

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