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Organic Farmer and Policy Activist Sue Baird to Keynote OFRF Luncheon

Organic policy veteran and Missouri farmer Sue Baird will share stories about growing change from the grassroots up when she keynotes the Organic Farming Research Foundation Meet & Greet” Organic Benefit Luncheon at Expo West.

Read about Baird’s farm and her policy activism with OFRF’s Organic Farmers Action Network.

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Join us for the OFRF “Meet & Greet” luncheon on Thursday, March 11. RSVP Today

Plant Breeders Consider Climate Change Impact

Without determined action among plant breeders, climate change may threaten our food supply. We talked with plant breeders Wes Jackson and Theresa Podoll about ensuring crop diversity as climate conditions worsen. Learn More

Funded Project Results:

Garlic Producer Closes in on Successful Weeding Strategies

Weeding hardneck organic garlic takes time, but it has to be done. To help organic farmers choose suitable weed control, OFRF funded organic garlic producer Susan Fluegel to evaluate four weed control methods. She ran extensive trials on two varieties of hardneck garlic. The results surprised her. Read Results

Research Projects:

Seventeen Projects Receive OFRF Grant Support in 2009

Our grants to researchers and educators are giving organic farmers the tools they need to improve their farms and market their crops. Learn more about our Latest Grants Policy

Organic Initiative Sign-up Deadline Near

The sign-up deadline for the Natural Resources Conservation Service Organic Initiative is March 12 in most states. Some states have slightly later deadlines. Get Sign-up Details

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