Organic Fruit Growers are Invited to Respond to a Survey for Organic Tree Fruit Association

All organic fruit growers are invited to respond to a grower survey for Organic Tree Fruit Association

The Organic Tree Fruit Association is seeking information from tree fruit growers who are using organic production practices and/or who have an interest in learning more about organic management. As professional growers association, it is OTFA’s purpose to serve the interests of ALL organic tree fruit growers, large and small, certified and uncertified, member and non-member.

OTFA is inviting you to respond to a GROWER SURVEY. The survey is easy to access and will take just a few minutes to fill out. The information you provide will allow OTFA to assess grower needs, plan future events and develop educational materials.

In addition, OTFA has initiated the Organic Tree Fruit Research Program to address challenges of managing orchards organically in the Midwest and other humid regions. The program will facilitate research appropriate to the region by identifying potential collaborators in on-farm research projects. If you are interested in participating in on-farm research, please indicate your interest and fill out contact information in the space provided at the end of the survey.

It’s easy! Just copy and paste the address into your browser:

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