Organic Recordkeeping Webinar for Growers

organic recordkeeping

Webinar on Organic Recordkeeping for Growers Set for June 2, 2016

An upcoming webinar sponsored by eHarvestHub will explore processes to make on-farm organic recordkeeping easier, as well as a framework to assist you in developing a recordkeeping system for your operation that maintains the records needed for organic certification. This webinar is ideal for growers looking to improve their recordkeeping infrastructure, growers new to organic certification, or growers interested becoming certified organic.

The 90-minute webinar begins at 10:30 a.m. PDT. For more information or to register, click here.

The Speakers for the Organic Recordkeeping Webinar:

Thea Rittenhouse
Thea Rittenhouse works in Davis, California, as a Sustainable Agriculture Specialist with the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) working with the ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture Program (also known as the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service). She also co-manages a 10-acre organic diversified vegetable and fruit farm in the Capay Valley.

Rittenhouse grew up on a farm in the Midwest, but didn’t return to farming until she took a summer job on an organic farm in Washington state. Since then, she has spent her career working in all aspects of agriculture: teaching science, nutrition education, managing school garden programs, organizing and evaluating farm to school projects, and conducting food systems research.

Rittenhouse has a Master of Science degree in community development/sustainable agriculture from University of California, Davis. In 2015 she completed the International Organic Inspectors Association training program. She teaches a variety of workshops for NCAT/ATTRA, including farm business planning, marketing, organic agriculture, organic recordkeeping, and urban agriculture. Her diverse background enables her to teach workshops for farmers filled with practical tips, problem-solving techniques, and real-life examples.

Aaron Magill
Aaron Magill is the Member Relations Manager at Farmer Veteran Coalition. Magill grew up in the California Central Valley helping his father on Foster Farms’ chicken ranches, where at a very young age he learned the value of hard work and sacrifice. Magill went into the Army after graduating from high school at the age of 17, where he spent a total of 13 years with several deployments and serving in combat. Magill worked for a sweet potato farm as the director of risk management and project manager, where he managed the certification of 1,000 acres of organic sweet potatoes and 35 acres of organic almond trees.

Magill has a Bachelor of Science degree in human services, instructs for the Department of Justice, and has a deep appreciation for the fundamental essence of feeding others from the land.


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