Organic Soil Health Workshop Series in Massachusetts, 2012

Soil health is a foundational component of a successful organic farming system. This workshop series takes place at farms throughout Massachusetts that are using a range of practices to build their soils to increase the yield and nutritional quality of their crops.

The workshops are led by growers who are implementing a variety of practices including mineral balancing, biological inoculations, and integration of crop and livestock systems on their farm. Presenters will explain and demonstrate the systems they have developed to enhance soil fertility and discuss the connection they see between their farming practices and nutritional quality. The emphasis of this workshop series is on the “how” of implementing soil building objectives on the farm, although the “why” will also be addressed.

List of Workshops on Soils Building:

Brix Bounty Farm, Dartmouth, MA:  Instructor: Derek Christianson; A) Saturday, May 12, 9am-12pm, Transplants and Seed Starting, $30; B) Sunday, June 17, 3pm-6pm, Foliar Sprays and Crop Monitoring, $30

Simple Gifts Farm, North Amherst, MA: Instructors: Jeremy Barker-Plotkin and Dave Tepfer; C) Saturday, June 23, 1pm-4pm, An Integrated Crop & Livestock System for Soil Building, $30

Many Hands Organic Farm, Barre, MA: Instructors: Julie Rawson, Jason Cucchiara, and Brian Fecteau; D) Sunday, July 22, 9am-1pm: Managing Biological Fertility on a Diversified Certified Organic Farm, $30

Discounts Available: NOFA Members receive a discount of $5 per workshop. There is also $5 discount for registering 14 or more days before the workshop you’re registering for.

More details and registration info:

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