Organic Vegetable Farmer Job in Maryland

Clark’s Farm is a small family farm in central Maryland. They are offering an organic vegetable farmer job for the 2014 season. They raise 100%  grass fed beef, pasture raised pork, and free range eggs. They also operate a summer vegetable garden, an on farm retail store, and a small CSA. You can learn more at Clark’s Farm is looking to hire someone to help with the general farm, but mostly the garden operation. They are looking for a person with some experience in operating an organic farm garden. Our farm produce stand is open every day July 1 through Labor Day and our CSA runs from the middle of June to the middle of August. There is plenty of room to expand and we are looking for the right person to help us get there. Get additional information and find out how to apply by clicking "read more" below.

Job Duties will include:
Participate in planning the garden and seed starting
Prep beds, plant, weed, harvest, and pack vegetables
Identify insect damage and be knowledgeable of different organic solutions
Be comfortable interacting with customers and working at farm market
Be comfortable working with a register and credit card machines
As needed help with pastured livestock
Have composting expereince
Expected to work up to 5 days/week in May, June, September, and October
Expected to work up to 6 days/week in July and August
Expected to work some hours in March/April, will be worked out as needed

Qualifications: Self motivated, passionate, ready to share knowledge and to learn.
Must have some farm experience with vegetables and livestock. Organizational skills

If you are interested please send a message with a brief description of yourself, your interests, your resume to Nora at before February 26th.

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