Paid Farming Internship in Idaho, Fall 2012

Idaho Farm Picture INTERNSHIP HAS BEEN FILLED, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY Paid Farming Internship in Idaho, Fall 2012 General Description: Killarney Farms offers 25 years experience of running an organic market garden with great opportunities to learn homesteading skills. Alternative-powered home.  Beautiful landscape. Milk goats, sheep, chickens. Secluded farm/homestead surrounded by National Forest. Work is labor-intensive; Farm is 6-acre market garden on 43-acre site. Internship Starts: ASAP; Internship Ends: Sept-Oct 2012; Minimum Length of Stay: 2 months For additional information and to learn how to apply click "read more"

Skills Desired: Some prior experience with gardening or plants preferred.

Internship Details: Need 1 or 2 hard-working, pleasant-natured interns on organic market garden in northern Idaho. Internship ends early or mid- October, and applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Internship is 4-5 days per week.  Hard work and long hours. Prior garden experience preferred. Ability to apply self physically in an efficient, cheerful manner required. Work will include weeding, mulching, irrigating, and harvesting over 50 different crops (vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs). Opportunity to assist at farmers’ market if desired. Stipend upwards of $100/wk. Housing will be a yurt, very rustic tiny cabin, small apartment in barn, or pickup-sized camper. 12v power. Outdoor shower. Nearby Lake. Two wholesome meals per day. Own transportation recommended. Educational Opportunities: Hands on market gardening and lifestyle.

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