Permaculture Design Certification in NYC with Andrew Faust

11 Sessions - January 22 - April 16
Presented by The Center for Bioregional Living and Andrew Faust Registration/Information email us at: This course will cover the core 72 hour Permaculture Design curriculum, including additional hours of in class and out of class activities to adapt this course to our region and to contemporary ecological issues in the United States. You will learn how to apply Permaculture principles to a diversity of settings and issues with an emphasis on urban and temperate environments.

This Permaculture design course provides a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. Come be inspired by the possibilities of today and not by the fear of tomorrow!


•is an ecological design science that provides insights and practical techniques for living a fruitful and abundant life.
•is addressing the major issues of our day from a whole systems perspective.
•is a worldwide movement that is helping to regenerate local ecologies and economies.
•is a solution oriented ecological approach to retrofitting our societies.

This course is perfect for motivated individuals who wish to use the tools of Permaculture in urban and rural environs as well as for modeling sustainable and regenerative businesses.

Lectures, extensive and diverse handouts, field trips and hands-on activities:
Urban redesign and retrofit, passive solar and natural building,inner-city gardening techniques, indoor and apartment gardening, indoor mushroom cultivation, fermented foods, whole foods, Living Machines and natural waste water treatment, niche market and cooperatively owned business ideas, rain gardens, living roofs, rooftop gardens, how to clean polluted air with plants, biogas generators, Bioregionalism and regional self reliance, the economics of globalization, evolution of life on earth, history of agriculture, Biodynamics, natural history of Eastern woodlands, woodlot management, watershed health, the integration of animals into cultivated ecosystems, and so much more!

To receive a certificate students must attend all 11 classes and present a final Permaculture site design.
Students will be given the option to present their final design individually which is a different approach than most PDCs. In our experience, and from what our growing number of students say, this contributes to a more practical, professional and intellectually stimulating learning experience. As a result a number of our student’s final presentations have gone from paper (or electronic presentations) to actualized, real-world designs.

All classes will be held on either Saturday or Sunday from 9am to 5pm and will be held at:

Sixth Street Community Center
Lower East Side Manhattan
638 E. 6th Street between Ave B and C

January 22, 23, 29
February 5, 19, 26
March 5, 26
April 2, 9, 16

Andrew Faust is one of the premier Permaculture teachers and designers in North America with nearly two decades of experience in the field. His passionate and visionary presentation and curriculum has been inspiring and motivating students since his days as an alternative school teacher at Upattinas in Glenmoore, PA. Andrew lived off the grid in West Virginia for 8 years where he designed and built a Permaculture inspired homestead including a 1600 sq ft strawbale house. He moved to Brooklyn in 2007 and has been applying his knowledge to the urban landscape culminating in a Permaculture Design Certification course many consider life changing. He is developing The Center for Bioregional Living in Ellenville, NY with his partner Adriana Magaña as a pilot campus for his students, clients and baby daughter Juniper.

Registration/Information email us at:

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