Permaculture Design Courses in NYC

•Permaculture Design and Edible Forest Gardens; Wood Coppice Forestry and Keyline; Bioremediation and Intentional Waster Water Treatment; Land Trust Strategies and Conservation Easements; Green Roof Design

FEBRUARY 5TH – 10am-5pm $60: Mark Krawczyk is taking time out of his busy schedule of writing a book with Dave Jacke titled “Coppice Agroforestry”  to come and share his incredible knowledge with us. Topics covered will be history of Euro & U.S. wood use, woodlot mgmt. techniques, keyline, natural building. Check out their Kickstarter Campaign to learn more about the book!

MARCH 26TH – 10am-5pm $60: Bill Young is a recognized leader in the environmental field with more than 25 years experience and will talk to us about the capping of fresh kills landfill, bioremediation, intentional waste water treatment and much more. See more about Bill HERE.

APRIL 2ND – 10am-5pm $60: David Harper is a conservation professional who works with communities, land owners and governments to secure access to land for food, fuel and fiber use.
he will be talking to us about local food and access to the land, global food security, land trusts & farms, U.S.. land patterns, leverage points and opportunities. a thought provoking and important area of study for all of you who are unfamiliar!

APRIL 9TH – 1pm-5pm $30: Dwaine Lee is a field manager for Sustainable South Bronx and graduate of Andrew Faust’s PDC course. Dwaine will be talking to the class about green roof implementation, design and installation as well as rain gardens, wildlife habitat corridors and the ecological restoration of urban forests.

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  1. Hi – I’m looking for events and courses in the NYC area and found your page. It doesn’t say in what year these events listed above are, and do you have any in the next month or so – November?

    Thanks very much,


    • Sorry about that Carrie. I’ve been trying to be better about putting the year in. Haven’t posted any events in NYC in a while, but please keep an eye on the blog because I will put them up as I get them.

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