Public Lecture: Energy Efficiency on the Farm, Wisconsin

ENERGY EFFICIENCY on the FARM - A practical approach to reducing fuel costs and consumption at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, WI

PUBLIC LECTURE presented by Richard Wiswall, author of The Organic Farmer's Business Handbook. MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 from 4:00 - 5:00pm with a book sale and author signing after the lecture. You can reserve your spot HERE. Cost is $10 ($12 at the door). Come and hear from a farmer who is implementing those energy saving ideas that you've been dreaming about! REGISTER today! You may also register by sending $10 per person to Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, W2493 County Rd. ES, PO Box 990, East Troy, WI 53120 (corner of Cty ES and Townline Rd, 1 mile west of East Troy)

Our ultimate energy source is the sun. Lots of fuels we use today are just different forms of stored solar energy. Fossil fuels are sunlight millions of years old, firewood 40 year old sunlight, and biodiesel one year old sunlight. What is our energy future? How will we meet our energy needs as fossil fuel supplies dwindle? Is replacing petroleum with biodiesel and ethanol the answer? And what is the energy balance of our options- are more calories used to produce ethanol than ethanol supplies?

How can farms be more energy efficient? What options are readily available? Long-term farmer Richard Wiswall will highlight some of the energy changes implemented at his Cate Farm in Vermont, where he has been farming for over 20 years. Richard loves to utilize solar energy directly through plant photosynthesis, but also traps solar energy in 7 greenhouses and hot water collectors. Richard also makes biodiesel from waste french fry oil to power diesel tractors and heat farm buildings. Additionally, he converted a cultivating tractor to run on electric power. Richard wants to see every lawn mower go electric. Lastly, the easiest energy to save is the energy you don’t use. Conservation needs to be everyone’s first step toward our new energy future.

Richard Wiswall is in Wisconsin as a guest instructor for the CSA Planning Course made possible by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant # 2009-49400-05943 and is a collaborative effort between the Angelic Organics Learning Center, the Prairie Crossing Farm Business Development Center and Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.

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