Recommended Readings on Agriculture and Food Issues

Recommended Readings on Agriculture and Food Issues: Articles for farmers, researchers, gardeners, and anyone else with an interest in food and agriculture are posted here. These articles were chosen because they deal with issues that readers have indicated they have an interest in. Some may be controversial, and we would love to hear your thoughts. Use the “Click to Comment” tab on the top left of this post to share your opinions about any or all of them.

Farm crop diversity may be able to help mitigate effects of drought. Read about one farmer’s experience.

New scientific studies suggest that a particular class of pesticides is the major culprit in honeybee decline. This article presents an overview of the research.

A question and answer article exploring the intricacies of farm succession and dividing ownership of inherited farms. This is a great overview that deals with a lot of tough questions based on real world situations.

A scathing critique of food safety under the Obama Administration and discusses the implications of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Also See:

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