Recommended Vegetable Varieties for Oregon’s Growing Regions

CORVALLIS, Ore.—Vegetable varieties adapted to local growing conditions produce the best yields in home gardens. The Oregon State University Extension Service recommends the updated varieties listed for all areas of the state except regions indicated. "The new varieties listed looked good in our trials for the last two years," said Deborah Kean, research assistant with the horticulture department at OSU. Oregon has four regions: •        I. Oregon Coast: Cool but long season of 190 to 250 days. •        II. Western Valleys: 150- to 250-day season; warm days, cool nights; length of season may very considerably from year to year. •        III. High Elevations: Short growing season of 90 to 120 days; frost possible in any month. •        IV. Columbia and Snake River Valleys: 120- to 200-day season; hot days, warm nights, length of season fairly well defined. Listed below are varieties recommended by OSU Extension. Artichoke (not regions III and IV) Green Globe, Imperial Star, Emerald. Asparagus Mary Washington, Jersey Knight, Jersey Giant, UC 157, Purple Passion. Beans (green bush) Tendercrop, Venture, Slenderette, Oregon 91G, Oregon Trail, Provider, Jade, Oregon 54. (flat Italian) Roma II. (French filet) Nickel, Straight ‘N Narrow. (green pole) Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder, Romano, Cascade Giant, Kentucky Blue, Oregon Giant. (wax bush) Goldenrod, Goldrush, Indy Gold, Slenderwax. (lima, bush, large seeded) Fordhook 242 (or any Fordhook). (lima, bush, small seeded) Thorogreen, Baby Fordhook, Jackson Wonder. (dry) Pinto, Red Kidney, White Kidney (Cannellini), Cranberry, Etna. (edible Soybeans or Edamame) Envy, Early Hakucho, Butterbean, Sayamusume, Misono Green. To see recommendations for dozens of other vegetables in alphabetical order click 'Read More'

Ruby Queen, Red Ace, Warrior, Kestrel, Early Wonder, Pacemaker III, Detroit Dark Red, Red Cloud.
(cylindrical) Cylindra, Forono.
(golden) Golden.
(novelty, white) Blankoma.
(greens) Early Wonder Tall Top, Bull’s Blood.

Premium Crop, Packman, Arcadia, Early Dividend, Windsor, Emerald Pride, Gypsy
(Romanesco type) Romanesco, Veronica.

Brussels Sprouts
Jade Cross “E”, Oliver, Tasty Nuggets.

(early) Parel, Farao, Tendersweet, Gonzales, Surprise.
(main season) Golden Acre, Bravo, Charmant, Cambria, Invento, Discovery.
(late fall, winter) Danish Ballhead, Storage Hybrid #4, Blue Thunder.
(red) Ruby Perfection, Red Acre.
(savoy) Melissa, Savoy Express, Savoy Ace, Perfection, Famosa.

Chinese Cabbage
Michihili, Monument, China Express,
(Pac choi)  Mei Qing Choy, Joi Choi.

Red Core Chantenay, Royal Chantenay, Scarlet Nantes, Mokum, Bolero, Apache, Danvers, Sugarsnax 54, Nelson, Napa, Kuroda, Nantindo, Sweetness III, Napoli, Yaya, Vitana.
(yellow) Yellowstone.
(white) White Satin.
(baby carrots)  Minicore, Parmex, Thumbelina.

Snowball “Y” Improved, Snow Crown, Candid Charm.
Apex, Amazing, Imperial 10-6, Concert, Cortes, Titan.
(Purple) Violet Queen, Graffiti.
(green) Panther.
(Romanesco type) see Broccoli.

Fordhook Giant, Rhubarb, Bright Lights, Bright Yellow, Silverado, Broadstem Green.

(green) Crystal Hat (tall, slender heads).
(red, also known as Radicchio) Chiogga Red Preco, Palla Rosa, Tauro, Indigo, Treviso (tall, slender heads).
(non-heading, asparagus type) Catalogna.

Utah 52-70R, Tango.
Celeriac: Brilliant, Diamont.
Collards: Vates, Champion, Flash.


Yellow Kernels
Standard sweet (early): Early Sunglow, Seneca Horizon.
(main season): Jubilee (also called Golden Jubilee).
Supersweet (early): Butterfruit.
(main season): Supersweet Jubilee.
Sugary enhanced (very early): Sugar Buns.
(early): Precocious, Spring Treat.
(main season):  Incredible, Kandy King, Kandy Korn, Legend, Bodacious.

White Kernels (must be isolated from yellow or bicolor types to get all white kernels).
Supersweet (main season): How Sweet It Is, Xtratender 378A, Mirai 421W.
Sugary enhanced (early): Sugar Pearl
Sugary enhanced (main season): Argent, Frosty, Whiteout, Silver Princess.

Bicolor Kernels
Supersweet (early) Xtratender 272A, Mirai 308BC.
(main season): Honey and Pearl, Xtratender 277A.
Sugary enhanced (early): Trinity, Fleet.
(main season): Temptation, Brocade, Delectable, Double Gem, Mystique.
Triple Sweet types (sh2su hybrids): Sweet Rhythm, Serendipity, Sweet Chorus,
Naantasket, Renaissance.

(must be isolated from other corn): Wampum, Chinook.

Note: Kernel quality of all the above corn varieties may be dramatically altered under certain pollination conditions. Supersweets must be isolated from other types.

(pickling) SMR 58, Pioneer, Bush Pickle, County Fair, Cool Breeze, Regal, Jackson Supreme.
(slicing) Burpee Hybrid, Marketmore 86 & 97, Poinsett, Raider, Dasher II,
Slicemaster, Intimidator, Tasty Green, Orient Express,
Genuine, Sweet Marketmore, Tasty Jade.
(novelty) Armenian, Lemon.

(not regions I, III) Dusky, Epic, Bambino (round), Cloud Nine, Calliope, Burpee Hybrid, Millionaire, Classic, Lavender Touch (white with lavender blush).
(elongated) Megal, Bride, Orient Express.

Green Curled, Batavian, Salad King, Neos.

(ornamental): Autumn Wings, Harrowsmith Select, Little Guys Mix, Corsican, Turk’s Turban, Aladdin, Large Bottle.

Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch, Improved Vates, Siberian, Winterbor, Winter Red, Nero di Toscana, Blue Ridge, Red Bor, Red Ursa.

Early White Vienna, Early Purple Vienna, Kongo, Kolibri, Eder.

American Flag, King Richard, Kilima.

(iceberg) Summertime, Ithaca.
(red leaf) Prizehead, Red Sails, Redina, New Red Fire, Merlot, Red Tide.
(green leaf) Salad Bowl, Grand Rapids, Slobolt, Pom Pom, Green Star.
(oak leaf) Oaky Red Splash, Cocarde, Mascara, Ferrari, Jamai, Cobham Red Oak, Malawi.
(romaine) Paris Island, Valmaine, Green Towers, Outredgeous, Devils Tounge, Little Gem, Freckles, Bullet, Plato II.
(butterhead/bibb) Optima, Buttercrunch, Esmeralda, Marvel of Four Seasons, Emerald Oak, Red Cross, Sylvesta.
(batavian) Nevada, Sierra, Mottistone.

(not regions I and III)
(Cantaloupe/muskmelon) Ambrosia, Harper Hybrid, Gold Star, Classic, Pulsar, Superstar, Earlisweet, Eclipse, Primo, Earliqueen, Fastbreak, Hannah’s Choice, Athena.
(Honeydew) Earlidew, Honey Orange.
(Galia types) Galia, Passport, Arava.
(Crenshaw types) Early Hybrid Crenshaw.
(Canary) Sugarnut,

Mustard Greens: Fordhook Fancy, Green Wave.
(long standing) Osaka Purple, Giant Red.

Onions: (yellow) Copra, Prince, First Edition, New York Early, Candy.
(red) Redwing, Mars.
(white) White Sweet Spanish, Superstar.
(overwintering) Walla Walla Sweet, Gladstone.
(green bunching) Ishikura, Tokyo Long White, He-shi-ko.

Triple Moss Curled, Banquet, Dark Green Italian Plain.

Harris Model, All America, Hollow Crown, Gladiator, Andover, Cobham Improved Marrow.

(shelling) Novella II, Oregon Trail, Oregon Pioneer, Green Arrow, Maxigolt.
(oriental edible pod) Oregon Sugar Pod II, Oregon Giant.
(snap pea, bush) Sugar Daddy, Super Snappy, Cascadia. Sugar Sprint, Sugar Ann.
(snap pea, pole) Sugar Snap or Super Sugar Snap (virus susceptible; plant early).

(sweet bell, green to red) Parks Early Thickset, Camelot, Fat ‘N Sassy, Ace,
Bellboy, Jupiter, Yankee Bell, North Star, Elisa, Lady Bell, King Arthur, Lantern.
(sweet bell, green to yellow) Golden Bell, Golden Summer.
(sweet bell, green to orange) Ariane, Mandarin.
(sweet bell, green to purple)  Lilac Bell, Purple Beauty, Tequila.
(sweet bell, green to lavender to red) Islander.
(sweet bell, green to chocolate) Hershey.
(sweet bell, ivory to red) Ivory.
(specialty sweet types) Sweet Banana, Banana Supreme, Bananarama, Gypsy, Biscayne, Pizza, Lipstick, Apple, Paprika Supreme, Giant Marconi, Round of Hungary, Carmen, Italian Sweet.
(anaheim) Anaheim TMR23, Relleno
(cayenne) Super Cayenne II, Andy, Cayenne Long Slim, Aci Sivri
(jalapeno) Tam Jalapeno, Early Jalapeno, Conchos, Fresno, Mitla.
(paprika) Mariachi, Paprika Supreme.
(specialty hot types) Cherry Bomb, Serrano, Caribbean Red Habanero, Hot Paper Lantern, Bulgarian Carrot.
(novelty, ornamental) Marbles, Riot, Pretty in Purple.

(red) Red Pontiac, Norland, Red La Soda, Cranberry Red.
(white) Russet Burbank, Superior, Goldrush, Kennebec.
(yellow) Yellow Finn, Yukon Gold, Bintje, Desiree, Red Gold (red skin, yellow flesh).
(purple) All Blue.
(fingerling) French Fingerling

(large) Jack O’Lantern, Howden, Autumn Gold, Lumina (white), Magic Lantern, Rouge Vif d’Etampes (Cinderella), Rock Star, New Rocket, Sorcerer.
(small) Small Sugar (also called Small Sugar Pie), Orange Smoothie.
(compact vines) Tom Fox, Oz, Spirit, Mystic Plus, Magician, Charisma.
(novelty and exhibition) Big Max, Dill’s Atlantic Giant, Prizewinner.
(hulless seeded types) Baby Bear, Snack Jack, Trickster, Kakai.
(mini ornamental types) Jack Be Little, Wee-Be-Little, Lil Pump-ke-mon, Baby Boo.

(red) Fuego, Comet, French Breakfast, Cherry Belle, Champion.
(white) Burpee White, White Icicle.
(large Japanese type) Sakurajima Mammoth.

see Chicory.

American Purple Top, Laurentian.


(spring planted for early summer harvest) (smooth leaf) Bloomsdale Long Standing, Olympia, Lombardia, 7-Green.
(savoy) Correnta, Unipack 151, Melody, Spargo, Space, Tyee.
(late summer planted for fall harvest) (smooth leaf) Bordeaux.

(yellow) Early Prolific Straightneck, Multipik, Supersett, Fancycrook, Sunray, Yellow Crookneck, Goldbar, Gentry.
(green zucchini) Ambassador, Seneca, Elite, Tigress, Aristocrat, Raven, Cashflow, Noche, Geode (round), Floridor (round).
(yellow zucchini) Gold Rush, Butterstick.
(scallop) Sunburst.
(other summer) Tromboncino (C. moschata).

(not Region 1)
(misc) Golden Delicious, Banana, Blue Hubbard,
(Buttercup/Kabocha) Sweet Meat, Sweet Mama, Ambercup, Buttercup Burgess Strain, Gold Nugget, Black Forest, Autumn Cup, Bonbon.
(Delicata) Sugar Loaf, Honey Boat.
(Acorn) Table Queen, Mesa Queen, Table Ace, Taybelle, Table Gold (orange), Cream of the Crop (white).
(Butternut)  Early Butternut, Ultra, JWS 6823.
(Spaghetti) Spaghetti, Pasta, Stripetti, Small Wonder.

Sweet Potato
(not regions I, II, III) Centennial, Georgia Jet.

(very early) Oregon Eleven.
(early) Early Girl, Oregon Spring, Santiam, Oregon Pride, Oregon Star, Siletz, Legend.
(medium) Willamette, Pik Red, Celebrity, Sunleaper, Mountain Spring, Medford, First Lady II, Big Beef.
(late) Big Boy,Better Boy, Fantastic, BHN 444.
(cherry type)  Oregon Cherry, Gold Nugget, Sweet Million, Cherry Grande, Sun Gold, Early Cherry, Thai Pink, Juliet, Sunsugar, Large German Cherry, Sweet Baby Girl.
(yellow) Jubilee.
(paste) Oroma, Saucy, Halley 3155, Viva Italia, Super Marzano, Macero II, Health Kick.
(heirloom) Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain or potato leaf strain), Seattle’s Best of All.

(root) Purple Top White Globe, Royal Crown, Tokyo Cross.
(greens) Shogoin.

(red fleshed) (not regions I, III) Crimson Sweet, Charleston Gray, Sweet Favorite, Carmen, Sweet Diane, Sweet Cheer, Verona.
(yellow fleshed) Yellow Doll, Sunshine, Yellow Baby.
(orange fleshed) New Orchid.
(red seedless) Millennium, Valdoria.
(ice box) Sugar Baby, Tiger Baby.

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