Residential, live-in Internship on California Farm

Residential, live-in internship on vegan farm (2012): will be a memorable experience spent working hard at a 600-acre sanctuary in the Sierra Foothills of Grass Valley, California.

Animal Place is one of the largest and oldest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the country, providing permanent refuge to hundreds of cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and goats.  Animal Place also serves as an education and advocacy center for the public, promoting a plant-based diet and reducing the suffering of farm animals through advocacy and outreach.  We offer tours, cooking classes and workshops at the sanctuary as well as volunteer and internship opportunities.
The 3-acre veganic micro-farm at Animal Place is expanding dramatically this year.  Interns who are accepted into this project will find that work at the micro-farm will be rigorous, physically demanding and exceptionally rewarding.  Although work at the micro-farm will vary throughout the season, all interns will be immersed in a broad range of activities including:

  • Plant propagation from seed, cuttings, division and grafts,
  • Soil amendment and bed preparation,
  • Planting of trees, small fruits and vegetables from starts grown on-site and purchased from wholesalers,
  • Establishment of beneficial plant borders,
  • Irrigation and supplement fertilization,
  • Composting,
  • Weed control,
  • Pest identification and integrated pest management,
  • Harvest and successional planting,
  • Seed saving,
  • Food preservation,
  • Fruit tree pruning and care,
  • Ornamental landscape maintenance, and
  • Land stewardship of the 600 acre animal sanctuary.

Currently, the micro-farm is designed to provide food for the resident animals, staff and volunteers.  However, this year we will introduce limited sales of produce to visitors. Primarily, interns will be asked to assist with the established plans for vegetable and fruit production and will be encourage to present new ideas that will improve the production and efficiency of the micro-farm.

The micro-farm at Animal Place does not exist as an isolated project.  This internship will include work with the ornamental landscape around the barns and offices and the natural landscape of the larger sanctuary to enhance the beauty of the sanctuary provide habitat for wildlife and improve the lives of animal residents.  Our hope is that this broad exposure to the many aspects of horticulture at Animal place will foster an ethical approach to agricultural and landscape ecology.
In addition to direct participation with all aspects of the micro-farm and land stewardship, interns will be encouraged to gain knowledge of growing techniques and landscape ecology through reading, discussion, volunteering at other farms, interaction with extension agents, online and offsite presentations and workshops.   Interns will also be given the flexibility to initiate and lead projects that reflect their own interests.   New ideas and projects will be tested in the field with a constant focus on reducing energy use and labor, always within the vegan philosophy of least harm.
Age Requirement: 18 and older, no exceptions.
Companion Animals: Not permitted.
Housing: On-site, provided, living with multiple individuals.
Food: Not provided, must pay for your own. Fresh farm seasonal vegetables will be provided when available.  Because animal agriculture takes the lives of 10 billion land animals each year in the United States, we promote a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle and require that interns maintain a plant-based diet while on site.
Transportation: Pick-up and drop-off to the Sacramento International Airport or the Amtrak Auburn train station provided for your arrival on the first of the month and departure. You are welcome to bring your own vehicle. (Please note: The sanctuary is located 6.5 miles from the nearest town of Grass Valley, 30 miles from Auburn, and 60 miles from Sacramento. The sanctuary is in a rural area. Weekly trips to the grocery store/town are provided by Animal Place staff.)
Medical Insurance: You must provide your own health insurance coverage.
Refundable Deposit: To secure your spot, you must provide a $150 refundable deposit. If this is a financial burden, ask about our deposit scale.
Internship Length: Each internship lasts a minimum of 4 weeks, starting the first of each month.  Extended internships are possible.

To apply for this internship, please fill out the internship application and indicate your interest in horticulture and the micro-farm.

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