Save Money By Purchasing Supplies at the Dollar Store

Dollar Store Supplies by Dollar Store Fixtures

Farming can get expensive. Sometimes the best laid plans can go awry. Fences get damaged. Animals are injured. Equipment gets broken. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that there is going to come a time when spending dollars around the farm becomes necessary. The good news is that there are many ways you can cut costs when making purchases, keeping your hard earned money in the bank where it belongs.

Dollar stores are popping up all over the place. It used to be that if you lived in the country, a trip into town was necessary to get supplies, but nowadays the sprawl is reaching out to meet farmers. Though big box stores may not be springing up in rural areas, dollar stores are and they are ready to pass their savings on to you. There are many things you can buy at a dollar store for farm use for less expense than had you decided to make that trip all the way to town. Here’s a list to get you started:

1. Batteries for flashlights and barn radios are another great dollar store find. If you don’t have barn flashlights, you can pick some of those up as well!

2. Wet wipes are good for a quick cleanup, be it your own hands, animal faces, or anything else that is less than shipshape.

3. You can never have too many buckets, which can be found for a steal at the dollar store.

4. Wound care supplies such as bandages, gauze, disinfectants, and anti-biotic ointments are a must around the farm. Get yours at the dollar store.

5. Tools can be bought at the dollar store whether it is a hammer, pliers, or new screwdriver set you need.

6. Cleaning supplies such as garbage bags, paper towels, bleach, etc. are items you always need for one reason or another. You can also get some good deals on brooms for sweeping barn aisles.

7. You can never have too many buckets, which can be found for a steal at the dollar store.

8. Duct tape is a farm life saver, able to serve a plethora of purposes.

9. Gloves, whether it is for throwing hay, cleaning stalls, or treating wounds can be bought at the dollar store.

10. If you need to secure items in a hanging position, you can do so with either bungee cords or bicycle hooks from the dollar store.

11. Tape measurers for repairing fences or other projects are another farm item that is always needed.

12. Whether it is storage of items or transporting them, plastic bags, containers, or baskets for either purpose can be bought at the dollar store.

13. Epsom salt is another good dollar store find whether you are using it on crops or in a bath for an egg bound hen.

14. You’d hate to ruin your good house towels caring for a wounded animal or delivering young, so grab some less expensive ones from the dollar store. They will work just as well even if they aren’t as pretty.

15. Vinegar purchased at the dollar store can be used for cleaning and disinfecting around the farm as well as repelling pests from chickens and preventing problems such as Bumblefoot when feet are cleansed with it.

By making these minor purchases at dollar stores, you’d be surprised by the amount of money you can actually save around the farm. Plus, it is better to have these items and not need them than need them and not have them. You never know when a wayward horse may run through a fence, breaking it, or when the batteries in your last flashlight might die in a moment of urgency. By stocking up on these items at reasonable prices, you’ll be ready for many of the unexpected scenarios that could come your way. Make yourself a shopping list and swing by the nearest dollar store to give yourself not only the supplies but also the peace of mind we as farmer’s all need.

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