Scholarships to NOFA/Mass Winter Conference

Beginning Farmer Scholarships to NOFA/Mass Winter Conference, 2013

 Available NOW!

Have you been farming for fewer than 10 years?  If so, you qualify for a full scholarship to the NOFA/Mass Winter Conference on January 11, 2014.

Take a minute to apply NOW to receive your beginning farmer scholarship.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Application deadline is November 25th.

All scholarship recipients are expected to contribute two hours of volunteer service either during or before the conference, and expected to complete an online evaluation after the conference.  That’s all we ask of you – a great deal in exchange for free admission to the winter conference!

Note: you need NOT be a full-time farmer to qualify for a scholarship.  Students with some farming or gardening experience qualify! Backyard chicken keepers qualify!  Avid gardeners qualify!  Don’t hesitate to apply, or contact us with questions.

For more information about the NOFA/Mass Beginning Farmer Program, check out our other programs here, or mail with any questions.

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