Small Family Farm Internship in Washington

Small Family Farm Internship

Small Family Farm Internship Available in Washington State for 2018

Hidden Meadow Ranch is a small family farm in Mount Vernon, Washington. We raise lamb for meat, poultry for eggs and meat, and a sustainable garden. We have horses and use livestock Guardian dogs to protect our stock from predators. Due to an injury we are looking for a full-time intern or two interns who can share a room and private bath to assist in day-to-day farm work, gardening, and Landscaping. Laura Faley is a livestock advisor through the extension for several counties in the area who teaches workshops on small farm management raising poultry for profit and livestock Guardian dogs. Brian Faley is a Gourmet Chef and teaches workshops in sustainable Farm Power Systems, using solar wind and Micro Hydro for everything from electric fences to water pumping. In exchange for room and board and as much education and information as your brains can hold we need 20 to 30 hours per week of gardening, Landscaping, and help with sheep and poultry. In extra hours Laura can teach natural Horsemanship training techniques and riding lessons. In the evenings “cooking with Brian”. You are welcome to experiment with your own poultry projects starting from chicks.

Small Family Farm Internship Details: Depending upon skill level, additional paid employment is available for various Home Improvement projects colon Stone unfinished stone and gravel patio, trenching and drainage project, guttering and piping for a sustainable Rainwater retention and stock watering project, Etc. We are looking for one or two people who like to get up in the morning and work outside. The Pacific Northwest weather is unpredictable, but we work rain or shine. We welcome creative and innovative ideas, and appreciate Insight from New Perspectives. Internship is available immediately through August, 2018.

To apply for a small family farm internship, please send a resume describing your experience with animals and the list of various skills you bring with you (e.g., construction experience, backing a truck and trailer, plumbing with Dad, driving a forklift, using a chainsaw). Tell us what you hope to come away with from the internship, and what you envision doing with the knowledge and experience you gain. Please send the resume to You may text, message, or call for more information. (360) 202-5023.
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