Social Media and Agriculture Web Conference, January 21st

The purpose of this conference is to provide examples of how social media is being used in agriculture. Ag Extension agents, specialists and others who attend will become familiar and begin to understand how social media is being used in agriculture and begin to use the tools themselves.

Presenters are:

Arlan Suderman, Market Analyst,, will discuss the use of Twitter and mobile applications in sharing information that affects commodity markets.

Will Gilmer, Alabama dairy farmer, , will discuss his use of blogging, Twitter, and video to educate others and serve as an ag advocate, by using contests, videos, blogging and Twitter.

Carrie Oliver, Oliver Ranch Company, & , will discuss her use of Twitter and blogging in support of her business and in educating other about the specialty meat industry, Artisan Meat. She will also discuss an open Twitter forum called #meatcamp that focuses on issues pertaining to producing and consumer use of meat. This forum is a collaborative effort among Carrie, (cattle producer and livestock processor),

and Penn State meat scientist, Chris Raines, .

Dan Toland, Ohio Farm Bureau and , will discuss how Farm Bureau’s success in using social media as way to educate and communicate about issues of agriculture. He will also discuss briefly Ohio Farm Bureau’s social media policies.

Andy Kleinschmidt, Ohio State Ag Extension educator, , will describe his success in blogging and Twitter as an Extension educator.

This web conference is on January 21 at 3:30 and will probably last an hour or an hour and a half. About five minutes before 3:30, go here: ; type in your name and you are in!

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  1. Thanks Mike,

    I’ve added farm connect to my blogroll.

  2. Our project is also leverages social media and agriculture, but for the urban environment. People build their own window “farms,” vertical hydroponic systems made from recycled and reappropriated local hardware store items, supplemented with high kelvin CFLs, and used to grow food– leafy vegetables, bok choy, even small fruiting plants like pepper, cherry tomato, okra. People in inner cities are learning what it takes to provide food for themselves and starting to better understand the issues involved with farming. Basically, we are training the “end users” to understand the element of the food system through a micro experience. At the same time, they contribute knowledge back through an open research and development process where we are all carrying out distributed testing on the systems and trying to achieve iteratively better efficiency on multiple fronts. Check it out: and the community site,

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