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Organic Connections and Natural Vitality Publishing Releases “Soil and Your Health” eBook 

Soil – it’s easy to miss when our attention naturally goes to the awesome plants it produces. And yet, soil is vital for the health of the planet and its inhabitants. For this reason, Organic Connections magazine is proud to announce the release of its latest eBook, “Soil and Your Health.” The eBook is available now as a free download via the Organic Connections website.

“Organic Connections has been advocating for soil from its very beginnings in 2007,” said Publisher Ken Whitman. “A growing number of farmers, scientists, consumers and chefs are realizing how essential healthy soil is to everything from our fruits, veggies and our nutrition to our trees and plants – essentially, it’s the skin of our planet. We hope “Soil” will provide an educational, fun and eye-opening look at this life-giving medium.”

“Soil and Your Health” contains more than 15 sections with topics ranging from an overview on why farming methods matter and the effect soil has on climate change to tips for picking produce, compost hacks and recipes. Contributors include award-winning gardening writer and Organic Connections Gardening Editor Barbara Pleasant, “Dirt Diva” Annie Spiegelman, Chef Dan Barber, co-owner of Blue Hill and Blue Hill at Stone Barns and farmer-chef Eric Skokan.

Ultimately, “Soil and Your Health” leads readers down a path of discovery that ultimately connects the dots between soil quality, produce taste and how healthy our food is with content that is not only inspiring but empowering.

“Better nutrition is simple – choose foods and supplemental foods from better quality soil,” said Ashley Koff, registered dietitian and founder of The Better Nutrition, Simplified Program. “This is a must-read for all seeking better nutrition for better health.”

“The landscape of health has changed. Our loved ones and families are navigating conditions and diseases like never before,” added Robyn O’Brien, author of “The Unhealthy Truth.” “It is driving a food awakening, and we are quickly learning not only about the importance of the food we choose to eat, but also the importance of how it is grown, where it is grown and how it is produced. This eBook packs a powerful punch: it is easy to read, informative, accessible and beautiful. It is a beacon of light on this changing landscape.”

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About Natural Vitality Publishing and Organic Connections

Natural Vitality is an international dietary supplement company known for its flagship product Natural Calm®, The Anti-Stress Drink. Natural Vitality Publishing grew out of Natural Vitality’s belief that a key to wellness is a positive personal perspective and a deep regard for our shared planet. Natural Vitality’s websites, online newsletters, print publications and eBooks offer content that seeks to highlight our inherent power to realize great potential in our personal and collective life experiences. For eight years, award-winning Organic Connections has been connecting readers with people and organizations implementing solutions for calmful living and a calm planet. Natural Vitality rounds out the expression of its core values through its environmental action initiative the Calm Earth Project, now also in its eighth year. For more information, visit

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