Soil Micronutrients in Organic Farming: Production & Certification Issues

Soil Trace Elements and the Organic Farmer (by Gary Zimmer; MOSES, The Organic Broadcaster)

SUMMARY: Just like in the production of a grass-fed animal, quality and care is what the consumer pays for and supports the farmer to provide. Crop and organic dairy production are the same: the consumer is paying for a “system” of farming along with great tasting, nutritious food. Is there a perfect way for everyone? I believe that the consumer is paying me for nutrient rich, tasty, cleanly raised foods following a sustainable farming method. A common sense organic nutrient plan needs: 1)  Testing of both soils and plants. 2) A plan for maintaining and building mineral levels for many nutrients, including traces. 3) A monitoring system that over time watches for extreme excesses and maintains soil levels and ratios. This is also true for both ‘major’ and ‘minor’ elements.

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