Starting a Farm? Have a Plan says Cornell Extension Educator

Starting a farm requires good plan – Peter Hagar is an agricultural educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension in Clinton County, NY

“I just bought some land in the country and want to get into farming … where do I start?” That’s one of the most common questions I have fielded as a Cooperative Extension educator. It’s a complicated question without a simple answer. First of all, you have to really think about what is involved and determine your goals. Do you intend to farm full-time or will this be a part-time endeavor for fun and maybe a little income? Do you plan on raising livestock, field crops, vegetables, Christmas trees or maybe something else? A lot depends on the type and size of the farming operation you plan to undertake. Most new farmers start small and invest slowly in their farm operation. It takes time and a lot of sweat equity to develop a successful small farm. It also usually starts with a keen interest in the type of crop or animal you have decided to produce and a willingness to learn as much as you can about how to raise them successfully. An important aspect of building a small farm is record keeping and good financial management.  Read Peter’s full article HERE

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