Sustainable Agriculture for the Next Century – Free Webinar

Free Webinar Tomorrow (June 6, 2012 at 12pm EST: Sustainable Agriculture for the Next Century

Join the New Entry’s Sustainable Farming Project and Jennifer Hashley for a live interactive webinar. Register now – it’s free!

Here is their description: We are in the midst of an agricultural revival. Consumers are clamoring for locally grown food, farmers’ markets are begging for more producers, and institutions are looking for suppliers closer to home. By far the most crucial link in the revival of regional agriculture is the beginning farmer. New farmers are critical to sustain our agricultural base and to replace an aging farmer population. However, people interested in starting agricultural careers are increasingly challenged, as barriers to entry are significant and traditional venues for training and education are declining. In this interactive online session, Jennifer Hashley will discuss how the New Entry model provides constructive environments and strategies to support new producers and create opportunities for new farmers to strengthen agricultural capacities, share learning experiences, and build better communities.

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