Sustainable Agriculture News – 4/22/13 Congressional Budgets

News from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, March 22, 2013 - Congressional Budgets... Final 2013 Funding Bill Clears Congress:On Thursday, March 21, the House of Representatives voted 318-109 to adopt the Senate-passed continuing appropriations resolution, which will fund federal programs through the end of fiscal year (FY) 2013.  The House did not make any changes to the bill, as amended and passed by the Senate yesterday by a vote of 73-26. Read more... For Immediate Release: Conservation Stewardship Program Back on Track With Passage of Government Funding Bill: Washington, D.C. March 21, 2013 – A bill to fund the federal government for the remaining six months of fiscal year 2013 is now awaiting the President’s signature. The House of Representatives passed the government funding bill on Thursday morning by a vote of 318-109. Senate passage occurred on Wednesday, on a 73-26 vote.  Read more... Ten-Year Budget Plans Move Forward: On Thursday, March 21, the House voted 221-207 to pass its FY 2014 budget resolution, which provides a spending blueprint for the next ten years.  The vote saw 10 Republicans join all of the Democrats in opposition.  Read more... Is There a Mega Budget Deal Coming?: At the end of December, Congress extended the current farm bill, but without renewed funding for beginning, minority, organic, specialty crop, and local food farmers; renewable energy; economic development; and disaster assistance.  They also punted automatic across-the-board budget cuts until March 1.  Read more...

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