Sustainable Small Farm Summit Online Free

The Sustainable Small Farm Summit is a Free Online Summit for New Farmers.

This event is dedicated to new farmers starting their first farm; WWOOFers & apprentices transitioning to become Farm Managers; visionaries contemplating changing their career to farming; and families of farmers who want to understand the business more.  NOTE: A small farm is any business that grows and sells at least $1000 in agricultural products in a year, not exceeding $250,000 in sales. Whatever end of the spectrum you are on, you need tools to understand what parts of your farm are the keys to your long term prosperity.

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Chris Wayne: Stealing Market Savvy – Standing Out at the Farmers Market
Rachel Armstrong & Laura Fisher: Farm Risk Management
Crystal Stewart: Holistic Management Decision Making
Tradd Cotter: Mushroom Cultivation & Production

Richard Wiswall: Farming Smarter, Not Harder
Mark Smallwood: Can Small Farm Organic Production Feed the World?
Nannett Cepero: Five Uncommon Crops in Cold Urban Areas
Tammy Hinman: Goal Setting for New Farmers

Lindsey Shute: How You Can Help National Young Farmers’ Coalition Help You
Zach Wolf: Your Relationship to Soil Fertility Management
Kevin Egolf: Farmland Access Strategies for Aspiring Farmers
Curtis Stone: Small Plot Farming >> on Borrowed Land

HOST Stacey Murphy: Understanding Your Finances – Tips & Strategies
Dennis Derryck: Growing the Local Movement with Food Hubs
Connor Stedman: Five Research & Development Opportunities for Regenerative Agriculture
Dru Rivers: Production Flower Farming
Joel Salatin: Farm Strategies from Polyface Farms

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2 Comments on Sustainable Small Farm Summit Online Free

  1. Your link to sign up is missing the colon after the http portion of the site address (on the link that says “click here to sign up”.

    I manually typed it in and got to the sign up page but some folks may not know to do that. I just wanted to lyk so as many people as possible can attend! 🙂


  2. It would be very helpful to have an agenda that gives the TIME of each topic on the agenda. It is difficult to “attend” an all-day farminar. Thank you.

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