Take action now to save family dairy farmers

From Farm Aid: http://snipurl.com/yoza5

Over the past sixteen years, half of the dairy farmers in America have gone out of business. It’s not just because of a tough economy — they’re the victims of abusive tactics from a handful of giant corporations who have come to dominate the dairy industry.

In August 2006, an antitrust task force at the Department of Justice recommended action against Dairy Farmers of America (the nation’s largest dairy cooperative) and Dean Foods (the nation’s largest fluid milk processor). Yet, action was never pursued and dairy farmers are still waiting for meaningful change on the matter.

It’s time for Attorney General Eric Holder to move forward and take action to put a stop to abusive corporate practices and protect family farmers. With thousands more dairy farmers at risk of going out of business this year alone, there is no excuse for any more delays.

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