The Economics of Cover Crops – Webinar

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Farming Webinar: The Economics of Cover Crops – July 20th, 2015, 11am-12:30pm Central Time

This webinar is the second of two featuring research supported by the National Wildlife Federation. A diverse group of researchers will present the results of their projects, co-hosted by NWF and Practical Farmers of Iowa.

The Economics of Cover Crops – Monday, July 20th 11:00am – 12:30pm CDT

1. Quantifying Nitrogen Scavenging; Ajay Nair, Iowa State University

2. Economic Impact of Cover Crop Seed Sales; Fred Lutzi, Western Illinois University

3. Using Simple Field Tests for Soil Quality to Promote Cover Crops and Management Practices; Chad Watts, CTIC

NWF awarded grants to researchers from Iowa State University and Western Illinois University to assess and interpret the economic impacts of using cover crops such as reduced input costs at the farmer level to job creation at the economy-wide level.

“We know about the water quality benefits of cover crops, reducing field nutrient runoff by up to 90 percent,” said Ryan Stockwell, Senior Agriculture Program Manager for NWF. “However, one area lacking a solid body of knowledge is the upside for wildlife like the nesting and foraging benefits of cover crops. We also have a lot to learn about the positive economic domino effects that happen when more farmers use cover crops.”

This webinar is free and open to the public.

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on Monday, July 20th at 11:00am CDT

This webinar will be recorded, and archived on the PFI website.

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