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The Farmers Office Online is Offering Free Webinars on Reading Financial Statements and Excel For Farmers

I wanted to share the launch of The Farmer’s Office Online. It’s a subscription-based website that provides farmers and farm managers access to videos, webinars and mentoring all designed to help them better manage their business and earn more profits (so they can sleep better at night)!

This month, The Farmers Office Online is offering two free live webinars through the free Basic membership. The live webinars are usually only available through the premium membership.

The first one is tomorrow Wednesday, February 14, 12pm EST on Reading Financial Statements.

The second one will be offered at the end of the month, February 27, 12pm EST on Excel for Farmers.

There a several program options from free subscription via the Farmer’s Office Basic membership, to the Farmer’s Edge “Soft Launch,” a 3-month discounted trial, and the complete Farmer’s Edge Premium membership offering complete access to courses, live coaching, and continuous support.

The Farmers Office Online is also offering a discount to get one month free of the premium membership using discount code “Try1month”.


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