Urban Food Systems Workshop in Boston

Feeding Cities: Ethical and Policy Issues in Urban Food Systems – Northeastern University, Boston, MA – March 27-28, 2015

Food defines cultures, is at the heart of religious and ethnic traditions, is central to familial and social gatherings, gives us joy (and sometimes pain), and shapes the rhythms of daily life. Of course, food is also about survival. Societies thrive – or collapse – based on ready, reliable, and equitable access to food. There is currently rising demand for food due to population growth and spreading affluence, as well as increasing production and distribution challenges, such as water and land scarcity, climate change, depletion in seafood stocks, and dependency on global food chains. All of this takes place amidst accelerating urbanization; over half the world’s population now lives in cities.

Together these trends make studying urban food systems – and developing practices and policies for improving them – crucial to building socially just and ecologically sustainable societies. This workshop, built around a dozen papers covering a range of topics, aims to foster cross-disciplinary inquiry on topics relevant to urban food system sustainability, health, and equity.

Registration is free but space is limited. It is expected that all attendees read the papers and participate in discussion. Papers will be made available beforehand to all registered participants.

For more information and to register go to: http://nuweb9.neu.edu/foodsystems/activities/workshop/

This workshop is sponsored by the Consortium on Food Systems Sustainability, Health, and Equity and the Ethics Institute at Northeastern University, with financial and logistic support by the NU Humanities Center, College of Social Sciences and Humanities. Questions can be directed to Christopher Bosso at c.bosso@neu.edu

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