Vermont Grain Growers Conference

If you have an interest in growing and/or cooking with grains, please consider attending the 11th Annual  (2015) Vermont Grain Growers Conference. Take a look at a short video clip of past conference highlights:

The conference will be held on Wednesday, March 18 in Essex, Vermont — the theme is Grains in a Diversified Farming System and will feature a keynote address by Paul Muller of Full Belly Farm, a diversified vegetable and livestock farm in northern California.

Topics to be addressed include:
Growing barley for food, feed and malt
Grains in a diversified farming system
Growing and processing ancient wheats
Developing a farmer-miller-baker partnership
Grazing grains for poultry production
Two baking sessions
Vendor exhibits
and many more sessions!

Learn more and/or register at:

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