Veterans Internship Program at Goat Peak Ranch, Minnesota

By Aviella Shomayr (602-471-2656)

Goat Peak Ranch is a small ranch located near Red Wing, Minn., and owned and operated by Lynette Nadeau and her husband Keith Cahill (Vet US Navy). They own the largest herd of pure DNA certified rare Savanna meat goats in the area.

The concept of the Veteran’s Ranch Internship Program is a long time dream of mine that I am working with my friends Lynette and Keith to become a reality. I am a Veteran of both the US Army and Air Force, with a combined active and reserve time of 16 years. As a personal historian I support the Library of Congress’ Veteran’s History Project by offering free 30 minute DVD recording sessions to all Vets who want to participate in the Project. All Vets who come to the ranch will have an opportunity to record their stories and participate in the L.O.C.V.H.P.

I wanted to do more for our troops. That is why I started to work out a program for returning Vets. Instead of just ETSing and trying to fit back into the “civil” world they risked their lives to protect, Vets can come and stay at the ranch for a weekend or so, up to a month in the summer. They will participate in all aspects of running the ranch. Emphasis will be on the Vets decompressing and getting their minds switched over to being civilians again and planning for their immediate future. A local Veteran’s Center will offer the Vets their resources.

The Goat Peak Ranch Veteran’s Internship Program will have its first season this year starting this Spring/Summer. I will develop and direct all Veterans activities for our participants. We will offer weekend and week long sessions to start, then as the Program develops we will be accepting Vets who would like to assist us with year round ranch activities.

Learn more about the ranch at its website: .

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  1. Thank you for posting our Program on your site.

    We look forward to hearing from all who are interested to participate in or support the Program.


  2. Congratulations to Keith Cahill and Lynette Nadeau for what you are doing for our returning veterans; I know your efforts are appreciated. Also you are to commended for collecting and preserving their stories of service and sacrifice for the Veterans History Project. You are performing another patriotic act by ensuring these stories will be availlable here at the Library of Congress to inspire future generation. I salute you! Bob Patrick, Director, Veterans History Project.

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