Veterans to Farmers Courses in Colorado for 2015

Apply Now: Veterans to Farmers Course Description for 2015 Year

Veterans to Farmers is offering two course options for veterans in the 2015 year. One is through our own CEA course and the other is through collaboration with Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield (DBG). Both options are free to veterans and offer the ability to receive a stipend payment while gaining experience and knowledge in those fields.   Upon completion every veteran will have the option to enroll into a Building Farmers course to also address the business skills needed to be successful.

1. (CEA) – Controlled Environmental Agriculture                Online Class – Hands on training at Healthy Roots Farms (HRF)

This exciting option will provide veterans the opportunity to enroll in a 12 week online CEA course offered through C.S.U. The 12 week course will cover many different subjects related to greenhouse operations.  Upon meeting the requirements for the course a certificate of completion will be awarded.
Along with the C.S.U coursework, you will participate in 6 weeks of hands on training at Healthy Roots Farms, an operational greenhouse located in Firestone, Colorado. During the six weeks you will become familiar with the everyday operations that take place. (Denver Location Coming Soon)

*Requires a dedicated 15 hrs. per week in Firestone, Colorado
*Will require self-discipline for online coursework
*Students are paid a stipend for 6 weeks
*Will require adherence to all operating policies at HRF

2. Small Scale Vegetable Production                                  Located at Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield (DBG)             

Have you ever wanted to see what it takes to be a Market Farmer? Or maybe you wonder how a CSA farm operates and functions? Or… maybe you just want to work with the earth and ditch the cubicle.
Well you are in luck! DBG will be in need of some extra help this year as they expand. Veteran to Farmers felt that veterans were the perfect fit for that job.  This collaboration provides veterans a very unique opportunity by offering hands on experience and knowledge of a functional farm while getting paid.

*Requires a dedicated 15 hrs. per week at Chatfield, Colorado location
*Will require self-discipline for self-study coursework
*Students are paid a stipend for 12 weeks
*Will require background check and adherence to DBG volunteer policy

If you or any veteran you know might be interested in applying for either course please E-mail Richard Murphy/Program Manager to request an application.

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