Vilsack Set to Announce GM Alfalfa Decision

EXCERPT: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today made his first appearance before the House Agriculture Committee since the Republicans gained controlled of the House, and announced he would make a decision on the regulatory status of Roundup Ready alfalfa “very, very shortly” after a comment period comes to an end on January 24.
At a public forum on the biotechnology regulatory approval process, Vilsack told the committee that he wants farmers to be able to decide as soon as possible what they can plant this spring. But in meeting with reporters afterward, he declined to discuss any further details of how the decision would be implemented until it is announced.
Vilsack also engaged in a lengthy and somewhat contentious dialogue with members at an event that the House parliamentarian said had to be billed as a committee-sponsored public forum rather than a hearing because the committee has not yet held its organizational meeting…

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