Webinar: Using Social Media for Farmers and Agricultural Organizations

Wednesday, March 24; 1:00 - 2:30 PM; Register Now This webinar is free to dues-paying members of the Farm Based Education Association (FBEA)*. The non-member fee is $40.  Not an FBEA member?  Join Here As farmers, farm-based educators, non-profit practitioners, and evangelists for the greater good, we're all involved personally and professionally in the world of social media. But how can we take our current knowledge, passion, and time to deliver our messages appropriately through social media?

Social Media is here to stay: Why and how is Social Media relevant? Get facts and statistics that will energize and inspire you.
What's on the Horizon? Facebook, Ning and Twitter are some of the social media applications of the day, but will they be here next year? Gain insight and expertise on new trends in social media and what you can be on the lookout for.
Social Media and you: Are you trying to engage the public in the good food movement?  Would you like to expand your own personal and professional knowledge and expertise?  Can Social Media help?  How can you do both better?

Social Media and your organization: Social media can strengthen communication with your donors, visitors, volunteers and key stakeholders.  How can you optimize these tools with limited time and resources?
Examples from the Field:

Kitchen Gardeners, Roger Doiron
Shelburne Farms, Holly Brough
Lava Lake Lamb Institute, Annie O’Sullivan

This webinar will be facilitated by Tyson Goodridge, Principal at Dialogue, a Social Media Education and Advisory Services Firm headquartered in Boston, MA. Dialogue teaches and inspires clients to deepen connections, expand their networks, and grow their business using Social Media. Dialogue clients include Apple, Harvard School of Public Health, Chaco, and more. For more information on Dialogue, visit Dialogue on Facebook or follow along on Twitter.

* Dues paying FBEA members, check your dedicated member emails for the registration codes or contact Phoebe Flemming if you have any questions: Phoebe Flemming; FBEA Operations Coordinator -T: 978-318-7872 -E: phoebe@farmbasededucation.org

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