Weekend Permaculture Design Course – Northeast Ohio, Winter 2010

“Join us as we explore the power of ecological design to create resilience and beauty in our communities. “

Location: Cleveland, Ohio at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

Dates: Feb. 6-7, Feb. 20-21, March 6-7, March 13-14, March 27-28, and April 10-11

Over six weekends, Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, we will present the internationally recognized curriculum in permaculture design.   Permaculture can have a huge impact in the formerly industrial cities of the Midwest, where shrinking populations and abundant urban land are leading the development of regenerative urban food systems.  This course will place a focus on exploring options for developing healthy local food systems, community resilience, and local networks of support.  Participants will gain experience with permaculture by developing designs for emerging urban garden projects, installing a demonstration garden and visiting established systems.  This course will also include a weekend trip to explore the renowned local food system of Athens county, Ohio.

This course is sponsored by:  the Green Triangle Project, Grow Youngstown,  Nature Center at Shaker Lakes,  Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association, and Habitats Ecological Design.

Instructors:  Mark Cohen, Josh Beniston, and Peter Bane with local guests.

Cost:  $950, includes weekend lunches and educational materials.  There will also be some work trade and scholarship options.  Students completing the course will receive professional certification in permaculture design.

Contact: Josh Beniston, 740-818-8422


Note: This course was previously scheduled to take place in both Cleveland and Youngstown, but we will now be holding the entire course in Cleveland.

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