What to Watch for this Winter

What to Watch for this Winter

Over at Agriculture.com, Jeff Caldwell, the Multimedia Editor posted “Things to Watch for Young Farmers This Winter.” He largely relies on the advice of Iowa State University Extension field specialist Shane Ellis to say a thing or two about the challenges young and/or beginning farmers might face this winter.

Excerpt: “The opportunities and challenges for beginning farmers have never been so pronounced. Extremes in interest rates, commodity price volatility, land values and rental rates are all converging to both encourage and prevent the entrance of new beginning farmers into production agriculture,” says Iowa State University Extension field specialist Shane Ellis. 

Taking advantage of those opportunities has been made more difficult than normal this year. Many young and beginning farmers rely on federal loan programs, some of which have yet to receive funding for the coming year. So, planning around the absence of those federal funds may be a reality unless the federal government takes action soon, Ellis says. But, if you can hold off and wait for those programs to kick back to life, they’ll eventually be fed.

Perhaps Ellis’s words are not applicable to all beginning farmers in all places. Nevertheless, you can read more from Caldwell and Ellis by clicking the link above.

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